Presley Hynes

Hello! I am a Sound Designer currently living in Vancouver, BC and have a strong passion for video games. Experienced in ProTools, Wwise and FMod, and knowledge of Unity and Unreal Engine. Additional experience using source control software such as Git and Perforce. 


As a final project for Vancouver Film School, we had to find a short film we enjoyed and redesign all aspects of audio. This video was created for the World Wildlife Federation Hungary branch by MOME animation school / studios. I will link them below along with their credits.
Here's some Dialogue and SFX I recorded, edited and implemented. This project was done with one other amazing sound designer, Emma Duggan. Together, we created a concept for a video game and implemented all necessary assets into Wwise.

Gehenna is a 3D first person horror puzzle game made in Unreal 4 where you play an unnamed character trying to figure out how to escape a haunted forest by completing puzzles and learning the truth of what happened along the way.

Another bit of video from Operation: RPG. This one was a lot of fun. Music implementation: Presley Hynes Ambience / Market: Emma Duggan Voice overs: SD85 / 86 / 87 / 88 Music from 5Alarm
With 24 hours and limited sound assets, I was tasked to create an engaging and entertaining sound design for this Need for Speed Shift 2 trailer.
UnincrediBall is a VFS student final project that has been developed over the last six months. The game will shortly be available on the VFs arcade for download.
The challenge with this assignment was to create an emotionally evocative trailer with only music - and music that was given to us. We had to take what we were given and work with it in a way to make a score that made emotional, rhythmic and tonal sense with the picture we chose.
As part of a class on Kontakt, I redesigned the sounds of the white and gold robot. I do not own the video clip nor claim ownership of the image. This was used as a method of practice in showing my experience in sound design.


Who I Am...

A sound designer with background experience in music performance and composition, as well as live sound engineering.

Three years of sound designing for live theatre, and have completed over 20 post production projects in sound, including designing and implementing for three video games.

Originally from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and now reside in Vancouver BC. 



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