sound design

I have designed for three short films, three video games, and over 15 other mixed projects. One of the short films, Alien Like You, has gone on to get nominations and wins at multiple film festivals. 

My favorite aspect of post production audio is the creation and manipulation of sound. I strive to create the most unique and engaging effects for everything on screen, and have a particular fondness for creating sound for creatures and otherworldly beings. 

Game Audio

I have experience in Wwise and FMod as well as source control software such as Perforce, and have completed three game audio projects within the past 8 months, one of which I held the role of audio lead.  


Editing and mixing 


I have a strong background in Protools, and have completed over 20 editing projects with the software. Additionally, I have some experience using Logic Pro, SoundForge, Reaper and Audacity.