Presley Hynes


Presley Hynes is a sound designer currently living and working in Edmonton, Alberta. She is originally from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, but headed West to study audio design and implementation. After graduating from Vancouver Film School’s Sound Design for Visual Media program, she moved to Alberta to work as an Audio Artist for Bioware.

Presley's background in audio is diverse. Playing music from the age of five brought her to Mount Allison University, where she graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Music, playing classical percussion. While Studying, she also acted as sound designer for the theatrical productions the school performed. After Mount Allison, Presley went on to spend 10 months at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity as a live sound engineer. She wore many hats while in Banff, including front of house mixing, monitor mixing, stage crew and sound design. 


My final Project for Vancouver Film School. Paper World is a short film by MOME Animation Studios and was created for the World Wildlife Federation Hungary branch. All of the audio was re-created by myself. Music from 5Alarm. Thanks to my classmates for helping with foley recording and ADR. 


Here's some Dialogue and SFX I recorded, edited and implemented. This project was done with one other amazing sound designer, Emma Duggan. Together, we created a concept for a video game and implemented all necessary assets into Wwise.


Unincrediball was a VFS game design project I had the pleasure of being part of. The Audio team consisted of four members, and we had four months to make it all happen. (un)incredibly fun team to work with!

With 24 hours and limited audio assets, I was tasked to create a unique and engaging sound design for this short Need for Speed trailer. This particular project was completed during my studies at Vancouver Film School. We were given the video and sound effects in the morning, and the final product was due the next day.


Another bit of video from Operation: RPG. This one was a lot of fun. My main focus was on the music implementation, and Emma Duggan led the ambience. The goal of the project was to create a video game concept from scratch, and realize it without using visuals - just audio.


Another fun VFS project. Gehenna is a 3D first person horror puzzle game made in Unreal 4 where you play an unnamed character trying to figure out how to escape a haunted forest by completing puzzles and learning the truth of what happened along the way.